Revision of Electoral Roll

Published on Sunday 3 April 2022

The annual revision of the church electoral roll is about to take place. If your name is not already on the roll and you wish to be included (e.g. because you have recently joined the congregation or reached the age of 16) please complete an application form and return it to us.

You can complete a form online or download a form and return it to the Parish Office in hard copy or by emailing a scan of the completed and signed form.

Completed forms must be returned by Sunday 24th April. If you are already on the roll but your name/address/email address has changed please let us know (making clear that you are already on the roll) so that we may update the roll.

Please note that we store all our data, including the electoral roll details, on ChurchSuite. Your details will therefore be placed on ChurchSuite. If you would like to submit your details to ChurchSuite you can do so here.

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