Seven Last Words

Published on Friday 4 February 2022

This Palm Sunday, we invite you to come and share in Christ's message of hope and humanity in the midst of His sacrifice, His Seven Last Words – explored through a new collection of beautiful choral music commissioned by Sarah Colley and Max Barley and performed by the Choir of St Mary's, Wimbledon.

Prior to lockdown and thanks to a generous donation, the choir have commissioned seven well-established and local composers to contribute to a collection of new choral music on the subject of Christ's Seven Last Words from the Cross.

The choral pieces showcase the talents of some of the best and most well established composers this country has to offer, alongside talented newcomers to our rich choral tradition. Our composer contributors are: Owain Park, David Bednall, Oliver Tarney, Ruth Byrchmore, Ken Burton, Esther Bersweden and Andrew Lenon.

The music, presented as a whole, features a wide range of musical styles - from the heart-warming harmonies of Bersweden to the icy dissonance of Byrchmore, from the elusive and distinctive Park, to Burton's African-American jazzy gospel style. Together, the collection forms a cohesive, distinctive and strikingly powerful meditation on Christ's sacrifice, his humanity and his purpose here on Earth.

We invite you to come and join us at our special service for Palm Sunday, during which this collection of works will be sung for the first time. The service will be held at 6:30pm on Sunday, 10th April at St Mary's Wimbledon and will consist of the choral music, plus readings and congregational singing. Admission is free, with a retiring collection.

There will also be an opportunity to contribute to and participate in a shared supper after the service, featuring recipes from the St Mary's cookbook. We'll share more details on this soon.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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