Christian Aid Week

Published on Sunday 10 May 2020

Happy Christian Aid Week! Please share a virtual envelope on your social media and through email, inviting everyone you know to take part in Christian Aid Week 10-16 May 2020.

When Christian Aid Week was first established people took to the streets and knocked on the doors of their neighbours. In the fifties, this was the most effective way for people to reach out to those they knew. To declare their desire to help their global neighbours and invite their friends to join that cause. We have kept this tradition alive and today Christian Aid Week has become a festival of fundraising raising millions which goes on to transform lives all around the world.

This year – like everything else – Christian Aid Week is suffering from a COVID Lockdown. we have had to change our approach to safeguard Christian Aid week volunteers, supporters and the wider community.

But technology has also developed over the last 61 years. Christian Aid has created a virtual envelope for you to share via email, Facebook, Twitter etc. Just follow this link to create your own envelope and/or donate.

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