Annual Review

Published on Wednesday 22 April 2020

I am sure that amidst all of the privations of lockdown you are keenly aware that you are not going to be attending St Mary's Annual meeting as you would have liked to have done tonight ...... well may be it is not top of your list of things you want to do when you can go out again, but I am missing the chance to meet with you tonight. To make up for that and the opportunity it creates to recognise and give thanks for all the good work that is done at St Mary's over the year I have put together an interim Annual Review. Do have a look and a read. There are some lovely photos and good reports on what has been done this year. Thank you to everyone who has contributed a report and to all those whose work is reflected in its pages. If you are finding it tricky to download you will also be able to find it on the website shortly. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. With love and thanks Mandy

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