Happy Easter: Christ is Risen

Published on Sunday 12 April 2020

He is Risen indeed. We have two services for you this morning. Our Easter Vigil Video went online at 6am. Well done if you got up to watch it, if you didn't I am sure you will still enjoy it whenever you see it. It is available on our Website, on our Youtube Channel and on Facebook.

A big thank you to all the members of St Mary's who have contributed to our Holy Week and Easter Services. It's great that you were willing to try doing something new. Lots of people have been in touch to say how much they appreciated the service and seeing friends and familiar faces. It is very reassuring to see friends looking well when we don't get to see them as usual.

We are livestreaming an Easter Day service at 10am today on Facebook, so please try and tune in live for that.

As a Clergy team we are now aiming to have on Livestreamed service at 10am every Sunday and a prerecorded Evensong going online at 6.30pm. Please look out for them. As we get better at doing this and learning what is possible we are hoping to include more of you in the services. A big thankyou to JJ Koh and Toby Moulton, our technical wizards who have edited our recorded services and to Alastair Neilson, who with them has put them on line. Thanks too to Oonagh and Mary Ann who keep our Facebook page up to date.

An Easter Related Video

As Easter is a time of eggs and chicks I thought I would send you this sweet email of a 'bird in the hand'.

A Wimbledon Treasure from Alan Jenkins

We also have a Wimbledon Treasure from Alan Jenkins - a sort of Easter Garden. May be you could make one at home this year as we don't have one in church.

Alan says:
'Caroline and I were out on our walk yesterday and came across these flowers around a tree in Southfields grid. It was a beautiful thing to come across so unexpectedly and so simple. It seems that in that street the house owners had decided to plant some flowers around the trees. This was the winner accordingl to a plaque nearby. What a lovely idea!'

A book recommendation

A couple of weeks ago I suggested reading a whole book of the Bible in one sitting. I would like to suggest another book today. Jesus does not directly mention parts of the Bible very often in the Gospels, but he talks about the resurrection being the 'sign of Jonah'. On Sunday we heard the first chapter of Jonah during the Easter Vigil; the story continues to be just as dramatic after the whale disappears back into the sea. Do have a look at what happens next in this short book.

The book of Jonah is partly about vocation; God calls the prophet Jonah but he prefers to go in the opposite direction. It is about repentance and forgiveness and the extent on God's grace (far to great as far as Jonah is concerned). It is also about how we can know God, but still be mistaken. It is a story about how we grow in our understanding of our call, ourselves and God. Finally it is also a story about prayer and the complexity of our relationship with God. It is also a very good read. I hope you enjoy it.

The natural world plays an important part in Jonah's story. God acts and communicates with Jonah through it and in a fascinating detail when the Ninevahns repent both the people and their domestic animals fast. I attach a lovely video from the BBC today which celebrates nature.

A Wimbledon Treasure - Mary Ann Turnbull

She writes:
"I'd like to share these images from my spare room window. In the winter, from here, I can see way to the east of Crystal Palace radio mast which is just out of shot. Also the towers at Ikea and the ridge of the downs to the south. Alas my phone camera does not do it justice.

The two treasures I mention are Queen Alexandra's Court, here pictured receiving a pot of gold. This beautiful complex of Victorian buildings is not open for public view (there are lots of images online), but we all know its there as they have a clock which chimes quarter hours. Behind QAC, I see the towers of Croydon. Many evenings at sunset the towers reflect and shine as if they are burning. My forebears lived in Croydon and so this view is very special even if the burning image is unsettling.

In the wider view on the right I see is my second treasure the green cupola of Wimbledon Theatre, and again the angel on the top catches the evening sunshine and is quite dazzling.

The view will disappear shortly, not to be seen again till the trees shed their leaves in November."

Have a joyful and peaceful Easter.

With much love


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