Thought of the day - 25 March

Published on Saturday 11 April 2020

On the first Good Friday, the innocent, divine Son of God was mocked, tortured,, nailed and killed. He died for each one of us to forgive us from our sins and to grant us salvation.

Austin Farrer said in his book, Said or Sung:
God forgives me with a compassion of his eyes, but my back is turned to him. I have been told that he forgives me, but I will not turn and have the forgiveness, not though I feel the eyes on my back. God forgives me, for he takes my head between his hands and turns my face to his to make me smile at him. And though I struggle and hurt those hands, for they are human, though divine – human and scarred with nails – though I hurt them, they do not let go until he has smiled me into smiling; and that is the forgiveness of God.

Forgiveness is not to forget what one has done or to cover up the past but to face the past anew. And real forgiveness comes with complete acceptance, just as Jesus accepted his fate. Jesus cried out 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do' and is calling us to turn to him so that he may forgive our sins and give us the new life of the resurrection, the new creation, the new life of the Kingdom. So, as we are waiting to celebrate Easter day tomorrow let us think the grudges we bear, and the relationships we have damaged, in our inability to forgive. For if God can forgive our sins, then surely it is right that we forgive those who have sinned against us?! Perhaps this Easter can be a time for us coming into our lives anew, not just out of our own sin, but seeing others free from their sins too.

If you haven't been able to see our Palm Sunday Donkey Parade yet here is the link on St Mary's Facebook page.

Please join our Easter Vigil service and Easter Sunday live-stream service tomorrow and I hope you will have a happy and blessed Easter day!

With best wishes,

Yunghee and the Ministry Team

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