A Wimbledon Treasure on Maundy Thursday

Published on Thursday 9 April 2020

It is particularly poignant to be writing to you, my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, on Maundy Thursday. Normally we would be celebrating the institution of Holy Communion Together but instead we are in the midst of a Eucharistic Fast.

Can I share with you a couple of prayers that you may like to use as graces at meals where you are eating bread or drinking wine as we await being reunited as the Body of Christ and sharing Christ body and blood together.

A Grace for a meal with bread

Father bless this bread which we share. As we eat may we remember Christ's death and resurrection, our baptism and our life in the church. Give us confidence in Christ's pledge that everything the Father gives him will come to him and none will be lost to him. We eat this bread looking forward to being reunited in sharing Christ's body and blood. Amen

A Grace for a meal with wine

Father bless this wine which we share. As we drink may we remember Christ's life poured out for us on the cross. May we trust that his presence is with all who suffer and his love that goes with us even through death. We drink this wine trusting in the hope of resurrection and our joyous entry into the wedding feast of His Kingdom. Amen.

A Wimbledon Treasure shared by Martin Birkbeck and Michael Foster

Martin says:

Re wimbledon treasures mine is the Haile Selassie statue in Canizaro Park, which to this day is a monument to the Rastafari religion. When Italy overthrew Abyssinia in 1936, Selaisse who was king at the time, fled to London. He stayed in a house owned by a jewish family, the Seligman's. The wife, Hilda, sculptured the bust. It is a remarkable story; the juxtaposition of an Ethiopian king living in Wimbledon. It is my wimbledon treasure.

Michael says:

A Wimbledon Treasure the kids like is the "secret statue" (the kids' term for it) of Haile Selassie I, in Cannizaro Park. It was sculpted of him by a Wimbledon resident while he was living in exile in SW19.

His life story is pretty amazing in itself; but for the children, they just like the idea of creeping through the bushes in Cannizaro Park and coming across a "secret statue". We often play hide and seek around there during our frequent bike rides and outings (in less locked-down times!).

Wishing you a blessed Maundy Thursday

Mandy and the Clergy team.

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