Maundy Thursday Worship

Published on Thursday 9 April 2020

This evening the 'Paschal Triduum ' begins, a period of three days of observance in which Christians watch and pray alongside the events of Christ's passion, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection.

There will be a live reflective act of worship this evening at 8.15pm (after we have applauded our thanksgiving for our National Health Service) on this Maundy Thursday as we recall the events of Jesus' Last Supper with his friends and disciples.

You will be able to access this in the usual way on our Facebook page, either live or afterwards from 9pm onwards. Sharing this together will be like gathering in the upper room with our Lord as the events of the week unfold.

If you want to follow the hymns the words can be found here.

with our love and prayers


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