Night Prayer

Published on Wednesday 8 April 2020

Jesus said 'Peace be with you' but with the coronavirus and having heard of the continuing rise in deaths today it is hard to know how we find the peace of God, and we may wonder what it means to have Christ's peace in us?

As we join together as a church family and community we gather together not only because we are friends or because we enjoy the atmosphere, or even just because we have the same theological opinions, but because we are one in Christ.

When we offer each other Christ's peace, therefore, we are doing more than making up with each other. We are accepting the basis on which we are gathered together as one body of Christ. The Greek word for 'church' ekklesia, means 'gathering'. We gather as an acceptance of the gift of Christ's indestructible peace. So, we exchange our peace with not just people we know or get along with but even with strangers. It is at moments like these, where we are challenged to see beyond those we normally think about and care about; extending our peace to all... to everyone. I pray that in the lead up to Easter, we can all connect to God's peace and challenge ourselves to cast our net of care and compassion wider than ever before.

I also would like to remind you that there will be Livestreaming Compline said at 8pm this evening on our Facebook (and of cause, the video is available afterwards in case you miss it). And the link is here.

If you would like to join me in following the words, psalm and responses an order of service is available here, or you may just listen to the words and let them speak to you or inspire you.


Peace be with you,
Peace within you,
Peace to fill you,
Peace to calm you,
Peace to free you,
Peace surround you,
Peace to share with friend and stranger. The Peace of God be with you always!

Many blessings,

Yunghee and the Ministry Team

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