Palm Sunday

Published on Saturday 4 April 2020

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, when the crowds gathered to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem with palm branches, singing and shouting. There was so much joy, that even when the Pharisees told Jesus to stop his disciples from shouting, Jesus said, 'If they will keep quiet the stone will cry out.' So even though we cannot physically get together and shout and sing for joy, we will still commemorate Jesus's triumphant journey to Jerusalem together. Not least, because we cannot be quiet on a special day like this!

Join us on Sunday Morning for Online Worship:

At 10am Rev'd Nils will be leading us in Sunday Worship online. This will be live streamed on our Facebook page. It will begin at 9.55am with some music playing, and the service will begin at 10am.

In preparation, you may like to download and print the order of service if you would like to join in with the responses and sing the hymns (but it is not essential if you don't have a printer. A four page large print version is available and a two page standard version.

As it is Palm Sunday and we usually bless individual Palm Crosses, we would like to invite you now to make a palm cross for yourself to have during the service, which we will bless. You can make one by simply putting two sticks or two pieces of paper together in the form of a cross (attach with sellotape or string).

Here's the one I've made with old daffodil leaves!

This week before the service Max Barley will be playing two harmonisations of Bach's Passion Chorale and then Anthea Richardson will play J.S.Bach's Prelude in E flat minor from the "Well-Tempered Clavier". The service will end with Andrew Lenon playing "Valet will ich dir geben" by J.S.Bach.

The hymns will be played and sung by Max and Anna, and Mandy and Yunghee will be reading the readings.

Follow our Evensong Service at 6.30pm

  • To join, go to this link on your computer by clicking here
  • Scroll down to where it says 'All Videos' and you will see various videos, the one at the top on the left should be this Sunday's Act of Worship.
  • Click on the picture and the video will start automatically (make sure your volume is turned up!)
  • The Order of Service is available here. Please download the file to follow along.

Also, don't forget you can still take part in our Virtual Palm Sunday Parade. If you haven't already sent in your donkey picture to join the virtual parade, email them to by 8pm today. We've had so many wonderful photos sent in already and are really looking forward to sharing where our donkey has been! If you cannot print the attachment send me a picture of your drawing or toy donkey.

Palm Sunday is a great reminder to us, especially when God seems distant and far away, that we are always connected to him. As the precursor to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, it is a marker that Jesus's life, death and resurrection are all connected. And so are our lives too. Everything we do is united with Christ, the good times and the difficult ones. Surely, that is a reason to sing and shout for joy?!


Yunghee and the Ministry Team

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