A hymn of praise and Wimbledon Treasures

Published on Monday 30 March 2020

I hope you are well. I think we are all reeling a little from the suggestion that this may go on for another six months; although perhaps with a little loosening of the rules. I have the perfect antidote for you today, a wonderful birdsong of opera. Both the music and the birds are a reminder of freedom and joy. I hope those of you who have already seen it will forgive the repetition. I think it bears it. I also love it because the birds are from all over the world. Human beings are united in suffering at the moment, but we can also be united in our delight in our feathered friends and all that is good in the world.

Wimbledon Treasures

One of the ways we get to know one another better is by sharing our joys and the things that we treasure. What have you seen in your brief forays outside your door that has lifted your heart? What are the secret treasures around the corner that you have long known and are willing to share? If you have a Wimbledon Treasure - not the obvious ones like St Mary's or Centre Court or the Common (but maybe a little regarded aspect of them) - please send me one or two photos and a couple of brief paragraphs about why it is so special. I will then circulate it with Wimbledon Treasure and your Name in the Subject box of the email. That way we get to know a little more about each other and our parish.

With much love


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