Ministry Team Update - 27 March

Published on Friday 27 March 2020

Greetings from the St Mary's Ministry Team.

The Lord be with you.

As the coronavirus continues its inevitable spread (having heard today that even the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary have been affected), we hope that you are managing to cope with your own personal circumstances; are able to get out to exercise in some form (if that is sensible); and that you have the sort of social connections, be that by telephone connection or maybe even skype with family and friends and those you love.

Today we want to reassure you that we have our Buddy Scheme up and running. We currently have 55 Buddy Volunteers ready to connect with anyone who for whatever reason needs help. Some people have already been connected. We imagine that as the situation progresses, and those who are helping many of you at the moment may themselves have to go into isolation, the need will increase. PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us at if you would like to express any concerns be they immediate or concerns about the coming days. The message is that you (all of us) are not alone in this.

The country is coming together in so many wonderful ways. I was heartened last night to hear the round of applause for our NHS workers! There is a lot of good-will about. I hope you are feeling that too.

Of course, there may be others who will take advantage of the situation to SCAM us, so do be careful if anyone offers help, if you do not know them. Here is some good advice below, which was advertised on the national news a day or two ago. Don't be rushed into making any decisions, and if you are in doubt contact someone you trust first.

Some FOODBANK information

We usually have monthly collections for the Foodbank, but because the church is closed we are obviously not able to do that at the moment. We have had some inquiries from people wanting to help. The current message from the Foodbank is that if anyone wants to contribute at this time of need, you can do so at the supermarkets, but the best way is to donate online or by online banking (A/C Name EFGA re: Wimbledon Foodbank, A/C Number 19030665 - Sort Code 60-05-16 NatWest Bank).

Sunday Worship

We hope to be able to bring you live worship again on Sunday, albeit sadly not from within the church. There will be more information in our email tomorrow, about how you can participate in that. It will be much easier than last week.


The Ministry Team at St Mary's is working to 'be here' for you in any way we realistically can over the coming weeks and months. We want to ensure everyone who either needs or wants to have either practical help or simply some form of personal contact (most easily by telephone calls) can have that. We are already emailing and phoning people individually. So please do let us know how you are, let us know if you would like us to pray for you about anything specifically, if you think you may need help, or if you would simply appreciate a call to have a chat. Do phone us! Remember you are not alone even though you might feel physically isolated.

with our continuing prayers

Nils and the Ministry Team

A prayer for us all at this time

Loving God,
source of healing and comfort,
fill us with your grace,
that the sick may be made whole,
that those who care for us may be strengthened,
that the anxious may be calmed,
and those most vulnerable be protected
in the power of the Spirit
and in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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