St Mary's @ Home Cookbook

One of the positive aspects of the virus lockdown is that many of us have discovered new and rediscovered old ways of preparing food and eating. Despite the isolation from friends and neighbours, we have found ourselves sharing food stories and photos with each other; cooking at home, we have stayed connected with our community.

At St Mary's, we have decided to document this extraordinary time in our lives by creating a cookery book from and for our community, provisionally entitled 'St Mary's@home'.

We are now open for recipe submissions!

  • Please download and complete the template, then email the finished document to alongside any photos you wish to submit. Please use the example completed template if this is helpful.
  • We are currently allowing up to three recipes per person, although we cannot guarantee to include them all.
  • It will be helpful if you could let Christina know if you are planning to submit a recipe so she can anticipate volumes in advance. Use the email address above.
  • We are also seeking lovely photographs of Wimbledon and a few pieces of writing, perhaps reflecting upon the role of food in our community, or at times of crisis. Please send any other contributions and ideas directly using the above email address, no need for a form.

Our great wish is that we should be able to present the book to the St Mary's community in time to be pre-ordered for Christmas. To give us a fighting chance of reaching this deadline, please do submit your contributions as soon as you can and please do tell everyone about the project.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The St Mary's@home cookbook team