Sunday School

Sunday School

St Mary's Sunday School registration takes place on Sunday between 9:15am and 9:25am in the foyer of the Garden Hall, except the first Sunday of the month when there is a special Children's Eucharist at the 11:15am family service.

Under the watchful eye of our Youth Leader, Catherine Linsley and Children's Wardens, along with the teachers and helpers, children, aged from three, have the opportunity to meet together, to share in their own worship, to sing, pray and join in with age appropriate activities in their own classes.

Children are divided into two age groups: 3-5 years and 5+ years. The children have a 10-15 minute act of worship in the Garden Hall, followed by activities appropriate to their ages.

It's a wonderful start to their own spiritual life and it's a special community in its own right. They re-join the adult congregation in the service for Holy Communion for a blessing and the final hymn. The Sunday School is taught entirely by volunteers and is a vital part of St Mary's ministry to children.

In addition to the usual Sunday activities, the Sunday School also has special events for children at the major church festivals, such as a Christmas Nativity performance and so contributes significantly to the worship of the whole congregation. If you would like any more information about Sunday School please contact one of the Childrens' Wardens or the Parish Office.

Please note that along with the first Sunday or the month, Sunday School does not normally meet during August, on Christmas Day or on Easter Day. There is a Family Service which takes place every Sunday at 11.15am and for children under 3, there is a Creche in Fellowship House during all 9:30am services.