In Memoriam

We remember those who have died recently and pray for all those who grieve for them.

18th October 2020

Norma Reid

Anne Ross

Mary Warre

17th June 2020

Pamela Colley

8th June 2020

Ian Roper Taylor

24th May 2020

Margaret Read

18th April 2020

Graeme Hack

16th May 2020

Steve Hedges

13th May 2020

Joanne Klerck

10th May 2020

Anne Dixon

13th April 2020

Antony (Tony) Butler

6th April 2020

James Leek

2nd April 2020

Lady Barbara Pearl Pitts

20th March 2020

Betty Adele Wells (19 March 1930 – 20 March 2020)