Christian Beliefs


God's Love

We believe that in spite of all the suffering in the world God made the universe and loves everybody in it.

God's Son

We believe that unless God helps us none of us would know very much about God. That's why we believe he sent his Son Jesus into the world, so that we could not only know more about him but also know him personally. And that's why at St Mary's we stress the importance of not just believing in God but believing in Jesus.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is a unique record of God's relationship with the world. Through its pages we learn especially about Jesus. Because he is the revelation of God, the Bible is the authoritative book on God's purposes for the world.


We bring our whole self, including our intellect, to God, so it is important to ask questions such as:

  • "How can you believe in a God of love when there's so much suffering?"
  • "Why Jesus and not some other religion?"
  • "Hasn't science disproved God?"
  • "How can you really trust the Bible?"

These are addressed in our regular confirmation course and other courses. Details of these are published in the newsletter periodically.

St Mary's

St Mary's is a part of the Church of England, whose principal leader is the Archbishop of Canterbury. We come under the authority of the Bishop of Southwark who delegates his care to the Bishop of Kingston.