Final Note

This section was published as a booklet in 2005 and has been about the history of the building and some of the people who have created it. History is still being created by the life of the church today. It is extremely well attended by people of all ages from within the parish and beyond. Bishop Gilpin School is linked to the church providing guidance to the younger generation and leads to a busy Sunday School and two youth groups. Since 2005, repair works to the roof of the church have been undertaken, as well as a major rebuild of the organ. St Mary's benefits from a committed group of clergy, officeholders and parishioners whose various contributions great and small ensures the growth of St Mary's as a centre of worship and community.


The text in this section is an edited version of Jack Harvey's 'History of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wimbledon' (1972). Jack Harvey was a parishioner who lived at the Well House. This version was produced by Una Whicheloe in May 2005.

Additional sources:

'A Parish Church since Domesday' (1993) by Richard Milward MA. This book was commissioned by St Mary's on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary in 1993. Richard Milward generously undertook the task and the book is available for sale at the Parish Office for £10.

The map is from an original done by Sir Thomas Jackson RA in 1921 and updated and amended by Denis Aldersea (organist from 1959 to 2002) in 1996.

The recent additions are based on Parish records.