Deposits & Rates


No firm booking is made until the deposit is received. These are made by cheque, payable to "St Mary's Church". They will not be cashed unless you cancel your booking or break the conditions of your hire.

The deposits are:

  • Fellowship House: £150 for all bookings.
  • The Garden Hall: £200 for all bookings.


'One off' events are as follows:

  • Fellowship House: £28 per hour.
  • The Garden Hall rates are £38 per hour on weekdays up to 6:00pm on Fridays and from that time and throughout Saturday and Sunday £50 per hour.

The regular user costs per hour are at a discounted rate. Please apply to the Parish Office.


Payment is due in the week leading up to your party. Please bring it to the Parish Office during office hours so that, on receipt of the cheque, we can give you a key to get into the hall. If you telephone before coming, we can confirm whether there will be someone able to help you.