We are delighted that you are considering bringing your child for baptism at St Mary's or seeking it for yourself. When you have read the information below, please contact our volunteer Baptisms Coordinator, Lyndsey Duncan at . Please also include your full address and contact phone number with your enquiry.

Baptism Dates

Baptism Dates 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

All matters set out herein are subject to confirmation.

We live in the Parish and would like our baby/child baptised at St Mary's. And/or we already regularly attend the church. What should we do?

In either of these circumstances you can just phone the office to make an appointment to attend a Baptism Surgery. These take place between 9:15 and 10:15am in the Parish Office on specified Saturday mornings with the one of our clergy. They only last 15 minutes. You may bring your child with you but you do need to be able to give the discussion your full attention so you may prefer to arrange for your children to be cared for whilst you come. If arranging this is a problem only one parent need attend. Please bring your diary with you to this meeting. At the session the priest will take your details, have a short discussion with you and offer you a date for the Baptism Preparation Session and the Baptism itself. The Preparation session lasts an hour and will be in church with other parents, and any Godparents who are able to join you. We request that children do not come to these sessions as you do need to be able to focus fully on the matter in hand.

We do not attend the church. Is it still possible to have a baptism here?

Yes, of course, but we do encourage all parents to become involved in the life of the church and make a firm commitment to bring their child up in the Christian faith.

We do not live in the parish and we do not attend the church. Can we still have a baptism here?

There may be exceptional reasons which would make it possible but these would have to be discussed with one of the priests.

When do baptisms take place?

Usually in the 11:15 service on Sundays, but some baptisms take place on Saturday mornings, usually at 12 noon.

Will our baby be the only one?

No, we cannot guarantee a private baptism.

What will it cost?

No charge is made for baptism but you are welcome to make a donation to church funds.

I am an adult and would prefer a quiet, private baptism.

This is possible. You would need to discuss it with one of the priests.

Is there a form to fill in?

Yes there is, this will be given to you at the Baptism Surgery, please complete and return it to the Parish Office as quickly as you are able to do so. It will contain requests for information about Godparents as well as your own details.

Do we and/or the Godparents need to have been baptised and confirmed?

Godparents must have been baptised, as Parents and Godparents make promises to bring children up in the Christian faith.

Could we have a party afterwards in one of the church halls?

If they are available, this should be possible. Please visit the Hall Hire section of our website.